1. You are making the mistake of assuming record collecting is in some way about “the music”. Schoolboy error!

  2. yes, the artifact is all… obviously I’m still interested in the originals, that’s why I was watching the auction. But my cut off point is some way before paying 70 quid for a twelve inch, thankfully!

    Keep meaning to write something about vagina dentata organ, who I think take the artifact to its logical conclusion.

  3. That’d make you quite a rarity for a reggae collector then – if indeed you see yourself as such. I remember the results of that Blood & Fire poll.

    Yeah, my cut off point is a way before £70 as well (but it keeps inching closer) – it’s not like there aren’t any amazing cheap records to buy.

  4. BTW have you heard about the Mexican Reggae Scam? Someone seems to be setting up accounts in Mexico and using them to wreck reggae auctions – usually through overbidding. My mate Rich had it happen to him last week – so he’s putting the record up as £400 BIN! But the rumours are saying that its either a) some guys who don’t think profit should be made off of black music or b) a group of rightwingers. Strange stuff.

  5. I suspect “reggae nerd” is more accurate than “reggae collector” in my case. 😉 and yes, still lots of fun to be had in the bargain bins.

    That Mexican stuff is pretty weird, presumably it’s just one lone nutter though?

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