The Story of Lovers Rock – world premiere

The Story of Lovers Rock + Q&A | BFI.

“A film set to rejuvenate interest in an unjustly ignored musical genre.”

Directed by Menelik Shabazz. Tue 10 Nov 18:20 NFT2

I’m looking forward to this one! Lovers Rock is of course a proper London ting – but it never gets the credit it deserves cos record collector nerds see it as squeaky girl music. As I point out in my review of this Greensleeves comp in the forthcoming issue of Woofah – they are missing out. Rumour has it that ace producer Curtis Lynch is also launching a lovers rock sub-label, so perhaps something is in the air…

This event is part of the BFM International Festival, which includes other films about Rocksteady, Soca, and steel pan player Russ Henderson.