1. Communique from the Lutrinae Antifa Collective:

    Once again the good name of otterkind is tarnished by its association with the fascist demagogue Henry Williamson.

    It is tiresome to have to repeat what has long been on the historical record. When Tarka and the other comrades on the Devon front allowed Williamson to observe their lives in their 1920s they sincerely believed that it was in the interest of furthering understanding between your species and ours.

    They had no idea that their very being was to be inserted into the social darwinist and racist oeuvre of a nazi numbskulll.

    Otterkind has no borders – the waters of the world are our home. We utterly repudiate the attempt by nazis such as Williamson and Heidegger to conscript ‘nature’ into their volkisch, blood and soil racial nationalism.

    We remember the terrible years of war and catastrophe that these fools unleashed on human and otterkind. Years in which river systems were damaged across Europe and beyond, making many otters destitute and homeless.

    Now is the time for otters and humans to once again stand shoulder to shoulder. The struggle against fascism is hotting up – and is about to get a whole lot ‘otter.

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