1. Looking forward to reading the Tony Thorpe interview and the Sci-Fi Reggae pieces in particular.

    However, as a dyed-in-the-wool professional media knobber (TM) every fibre in my soul screams out Why aren’t they selling ads? I know why, obviously, but it just seems crazy not to if you could. Or would it just commercialise and ruin the Woofah experience?

  2. We just can’t be arsed and would rather spend time making the actual magazine, I think.

    If anyone beats down our door and offers us a grand for a full colour ad on the back page then we won’t turn them away (well we might, depending on who they were)…

  3. what? you’ll be telling me there’s no cover CD next. still, four issues eh? i’m glad i kept that free ring binder from part one! 😉

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