2005 Ugandan Dancehall Video of the week #9

Ragga Dee – Ndigida

More awesome catchiness with some randomly-shaped dancers shaking their bits in synchronised style around a pool.

This has got the lot – breakdancing, hot gals shaking their asses, even some inexplicable cross-dressing madness.

The only downside is that it cuts a bit short, sorry about that – if anyone has a full version, post it up!

Bit of a high budget promo by the standards of this series. Seems like Mr Dee is doing alright as an elder statesman of Uganda Dancehall, and fair play to him I guess. Looks like he even owns his own beach.

Mind you it looks like he’s the son of a judge and has done a business degree, so not exactly a ghetto sufferah fwiw. Info from this interview with the man himself over at the ever reliable UGPULSE. Click the link if only to see him dressed in a raggamuffin nautical style!