Busy times next Friday

These should be good:

The first in a new series of live events by curated by comrade Johnny Mugwump. More info here.

Followed by a short walk or bus ride up Stoke Newington High Street, to:

Krautfunkdiscocosmicspacebleeps to burn up the dancefloor

Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings) Live!
Eat Lights, Become Lights (Enraptured Records) Live!

Jim Backhaus (Kosmische, Resonance)
Louise XIV (Sleep All Day Drive All Night)
Idle Rich (Sleep All Day Drive All Night)
DJ Matthias, direkt von Stuttgart

Friday 13th August
Eleven pm until four am
Six pounds entry
The Drop, 175 Stoke Newington High St, London, N16 0LH
(downstairs at the Three Crowns, on the corner of Church Street and the High Street)


  1. wot no reggae?

    btw, looks like i’ll be playing at the plyon/vortex myself next year. i’ll expect to see you down the front cheering me on, eden..

  2. G – yes I will be there with Ekoplekz painted on my forehead having it LAAAAAAAAARGE 🙂

    Chris – yeah it looks like a good night all round and I intend to be at both!

  3. Thanks a lot for that John.

    “ooh – higamos hogamos are great. i’ll see you there if you’re going…”

    Just to let you know Chrsi, Higamos Hogamos will be on at about quarter to twelve. The other band almost straight afterwards.

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