Saturday Night Pylon Exoticism: West Country Style

With characteristic good taste, Jonny Mugwump booked Ekoplekz and Hacker Farm for his Exotic Pylon show on Resonance FM last Saturday.

Ekoplekz was formerly known as Gutterbreakz (my review of his debut CD here).

Hacker Farm are also known as Kid Shirt and Farmer Glitch.

They were accompanied by a bevvy of minders, including Low “Idiots Guide to Dreaming” Quay and illustrator and Woofah back page fixture 2nd Fade. Guest appearances were made by the man like Woebot, Mr Time Attendant, Mr WestNorwoodCassetteLibrary and bunch of other people I didn’t really get a chance to talk to, such was my breathless enthusiasm for the West Country massif.

It was unbelievably good to sit around in a pub with these people and talk nonsense in person, rather than exchanging pixels. To meet in an actual bar instead of haunting each other’s blog sidebars. It’s difficult to write much more than that without it sounding ridiculously back-slappy, but you get my  drift.

The Exotic Pylon show is now available for your downloading pleasure. It’s good – Ekoplekz come in with walls of bass, beats and electronics, whilst Hacker Farm do a more abstract ambient thing with the occasional surprise.

Ekoplekz’s second CD is out today and is being followed by a vinyl release on Bristol’s respected Punch Drunk label soon.

Rumours are rife of a Hacker Farm octuple glass, mercury and hay box set coming out in 2021.

2nd Fade has just submitted awesome his contributions to Woofah issue 5.

Lowquay remains both Loki and low key. 😉