The Bug – Catch A Fire

I caught up with Kevin Martin recently at a mad gig by Stephen O’Malley and Steve Noble at Cafe OTO*.

He mentioned a whole bunch of stuff which had me reeling – King Midas Sound, “Skeng” remixes, stuff with Scientist. When I woke up the next day, I thought I’d dreamt it.

But no, click up top for a video of a new track by The Bug. It’s based on the skeleton of “Skeng” but has an entirely new exo-skeleton on top of it – maybe it’s fairer to describe it as that track’s world weary and wiser sister, I don’t know.

Coming out soon as part of the 4 track “Infected” EP on Ninja Tune. Great video, too.

There’s also a King Midas Sound seven inch in the offing on Hyperdub, featuring Roger doing “Lost” and Puppajim (of Maffi/Jahtari/Disrupt fame) vocalling¬† the “Cool Out” riddim. Steve Barker played the latter track on his “On The Wire” show, and it sounded wicked –¬† I got that “jolt” when I realised what it was – that little frisson you get the first time you hear the full vocal of a dub track you’ve caned for ages.

Also – I don’t know if I ever mentioned the King Midas Sound blog? A wonderful blend of things that are doing it for them, their influences and other bits.

*I’ve been going to a few mad gigs recently. I also saw The A-Band at OTO and Cindy Talk and Position Normal over the road at The Vortex courtesy of Exotic Pylon. I have enjoyed them very much – all the more for not feeling obliged to document them in any way.


  1. Just bought me tickets to catch King Midas Sound at this years Supersonic in Birmingham – should be nice and tasty !!


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