Beyond the Implode meets Youarehear in the ruins of Downing Street

Beyond The Implode Anarcho Punk Podcast for Youarehear by Johnedenuk on Mixcloud

A collaboration between Martin and the good folks of Youarehear. With some help from me.

Classic and obscure tunes with some verbal commentary both refined and rabid.

Unfortunately anarchopunk wasn’t able to overcome the contradictions of capitalism and all the main players seem to be threatening each other with legal action right now.

Martin recently reviewed the recent reissue of Crass’ “Feeding of the 5000″.

See also the Critical Look At Anarchopunk for some good reading.

Oh and if you’re on twitter get on the all new @BTi_Enquiries stream.

STOP PRESS: Full tracklist and charateristically self-deprecating write up is now available at Beyond The Implode.

STOP PRESS 2: Nice review and commentary at History is Made at Night.


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  2. DROID says:

    Genius. I see Martin managed to get some subhumans bashing in there too.

  3. JOHN EDEN says:

    Yeah we covered quite a lot of bases, really! That’s definitely one advantage to Martin’s approach to the session as documented on his blog :-)

  4. MARTIN C says:

    Yeah, that was uncharitable of me. I’m not sure where the anti-Subhumans thing comes from, they always seemed very condescending to me. I can imagine them hassling gig-goers for having bright spikey hair and delivering a half-hour rant on uniformity.

    See, if John had just answered, straight off, “Yes, I’m a socialist, because x y z is fundamentally the right approach, whereas anarchism is flawed by a b c”, I could have come back with, “Yeah, but here’s two words for you: KRONSTADT UPRISING…and next up, folks, it’s Exit-Stance…” Instead he countered the claim, plunging me into the vortex of incoherence. Oh who am I kidding…

    I still wish we’d got John’s daughter to read out a ‘statement’ – but she had to go to bed!

  5. STN says:

    I stood next to Dick Lucas at the bar in a pub in Stockwell the other day.

  6. MARTIN C says:

    Was he writing a song about apathy on a beer mat?