celebrity punk t-shirt round up!

It’s been a while since I did one of these so here goes:

First up Audrina Patridge wearing an Exploited t-shirt.

And OK, I’d never heard of her either, but apparently she’s a US reality TV show star who features in the lyrics of Tinie Tempah’s “Pass Out”:

Heidi and Audrina eat your heart out,
I used to listen to you dont wanna bring arms house
I got so many clothes I keeps em in ma aunts house,
Disturbing London baby we about to branch out

So that adds some early grime to the mix as well (Demon’s “you don’t wanna bring arms house / I’ll bring arms house to your Mum’s house / you don’t wanna bring no beef / bring some beef you’ll lose some teeth”).

I wonder what Audrina’s favourite Exploited song is?

Mild disquiet was expressed last year when Beyonce wore a t-shirt onstage with the words “punk ass motherfucker” and “Never Mind The Bollocks” on it “amongst other obscenities”

Finally, here is model Georgia Frost wearing a Sex Pistols t-shirt and a Prada skirt.

But if these attractive young ladies and their context-free fashion makes you seethe, just wait until the next installment…


  1. how could this ever make anyone seethe? Attractive girls wearing context-free fashion t-shirts are some of my favourite things in the world…

    Philip Green, though – Urgh!

  2. Wayne – yeah kufiya-spotting looks like a kindred spirit, thanks for the tip off!

    Loki – well incredibly some middle aged men still wish to defend the Sex Pistols’ legacy, even though the surviving band members seem to be doing a pretty good job of undermining it themselves. I just think it’s amusing and entertaining myself 😉

    My best real life spot was a stylish teenage girl wearing a New Order “Movement” t-shirt at a bus stop in Tottenham last year. A great WTF moment, but not one I could really photograph without seeming even more like a lecherous old man.

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