more ‘ackney bashment biz

No shortage of nights out  on my doorstep these days.

This looks good and has Jamie Rodigan involved with the promotion, who seems like a top chap. Which I guess is hardly surprising given his pedigree.

These last few years have definitely marked a new generation coming through. Other examples would be Young Warrior and Joe Ariwa (see interview in Woofah #4), Alpha Steppa (son of one of Alpha & Omega, UK Dub fixtures).

Oh and after plugging Footsie’s grimey reggae “Rastaman Pickney” EP, it was great to read this interview with him where he talks about his Dad having been involved with London’s King Original soundsystem back in the day.

Anyway, Mudd Up looks like being a good ‘un. The Heatwave are guaranteed to rock any party. Papa Face has served most of us tunes for longer than he probably cares to remember, and was also the first UK MC to get a release on Fashion Records (or rather, its subsidiary Top Notch).