Shake The Foundations vol 2

The second mix I ever did, now up at Mixcloud:

John Eden – Shake The Foundations vol 2 by Johnedenuk on Mixcloud

This was done in 2003, a transitional time for online music. By then most people I knew had the internet at home and/or work. But very few of us had broadband, and hosting was still fairly expensive. So the favoured means of distribution was burning mixes on CDR, making a nice sleeve, and then giving them to mates in person or sending them through the post. I actually prefer that to uploading and downloading, but it seems very quaint today.

Promotion was done through internet forums like Uk-Dance, Urban75 and the like. People got really into it – possibly because not many people were doing mixes of this sort of thing back then – there was lots of techno and other dance music to be had in the circles I moved in then, but not much reggae to be had.

It was a wicked time for music, with the “one drop” reggae stuff really coming to the fore. I lived near Gladdy Wax’s shop “Wax Unlimited” in Stoke Newington and would try to get there every Saturday to find out what was new. That coupled with David Rodigan’s show on Sunday nights on Kiss, I was well stocked up with some incredible tunes.

In fact, this is probably the most popular mix I have ever done – people still remember it and ask me for a copy. I think this is mainly because it came out at a time when it really stood out, and also because it’s not really been available online for ages. (Marc D hosted it on his Bassnation site for a while).

Tracklist and sleevenotes are up here.

There’s no download link.



  2. Danny passed me a CD of this years ago, and I actually wore the CD out because I played it so much. Nice to hear it again. Shame there’s no download link though.

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