Smiley Culture RIP: day 10

A public meeting was organised by David Emmanuel’s family tonight and the video of that event is now available on ustream:


Once again the reports and footage seem to indicate a huge turn out, at least 500 people.

I wasn’t able to attend but some friends and allies were, so hopefully they will post their impressions of the night in the next few days.

A march has been called for April 16th, more about which soon.

In other news:

IPCC update in advance of the meeting

Tribute from Maxi Priest

So Solid Crew and Ms Dynamite have supported the campaign on twitter.

Audio and Written tributes from The Heatwave

Footage of last week’s press conference has now been watched 26,000 times.

Mad Professor is re-releasing Macka B’s “We’ve Had Enough” in tribute to Smiley:

Asher Senator (who spoke at tonight’s meeting) has recorded two tributes of his own.

It should be clear to everyone that this is just the beginning.