Smiley Culture RIP: Day 11

Smiley Culture and Asher Senator

Smiley Culture and Asher Senator

History is Made at Night with a great summary of last night’s meeting.

Photos of the meeting by Rod Leon

A transcript of Merlin Emmanuel’s statement given to the meeting.

Evening Standard on last night’s meeting

Maxi Priest and Tippa onstage at the nine night celebration which also took place last night.

Heatwave were one of the first people to get their mitts on a tribute tune by YT and Mr Williamz: “Police officer we a demand a answer, weh really happen to the great Smiley Culture?” And here it is on Youtube for us mere mortals:

I also found this interview with Merlin Emmanuel which includes some information about Smiley as a person and some of the plans for supporting the campaign from music artists.

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  1. Much respect for this blog – it’s all about keeping the spirit of Smiley Culture alive as we say NO JUSTICE NO PEACE! Support and join the Campaign4Juswtice4SmileyCulture. Respect.

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