Saturday: Playing tunes at Heatwave’s birthday bash

It takes quite a lot to tempt me out of DJ retirement these days, but Heatwave have very kindly asked me to return to the decks for their 8th Birthday Party. I could hardly refuse although it’s a pity I’ll be without Droid at my side this time – our last encounter at the same venue is now the stuff of legend:

A cruel depiction of my last time playing at the Big Chill House by Martin of Beyond The Implode


I would hazard a guess that with a line up like that I’m going to be on early, so come down and grab a beer for some warm up skanking.

Also, some of this:

More info about the event here, as well as some great Heatwave mixed and radio shows to get you in the mood.

Venue details here

Heatwave are soon to release a DVD of their epoch-defining Stageshow event, filmed by Rollo Jackson who did the Tape Crackers film I raved about earlier this year and also has a nice write up by Dan Hancox in The Guardian. I’ve seen a preview copy and it’s bloody great – live footage of legendary UK MCs tearing the place up, deftly mixed in with a whole bag of interviews.

Here’s to another 8 years of The Heatwave!

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