Stars Dub featuring Champian and some nice artwork!

Mans like Abu Zaki and Woebot hipped me to this. A nice relick of the Stars riddim by Mr Benn featuring Champion on deejay duties. I’m assuming this is the same Champion as the microphone veteran at London’s Tighten Up nights. That Champion (aka Champian) has proper heritage – MCing in London back in the eighties and making what I think is his vinyl debut on Part One of the (still obscure, but can a reissue be long now?) Live At DSYC LPs on the Raiders label.

The vid was done to promote the rather fine artwork and animation of David Cox. There’s also this one:

I think they both show a nice flair for doing idiosyncratic animation, which I love – I was a big fan of Vision On and Sesame Street as kid, largely because of the short cartoon clips that I later realised were quite trippy…


  1. well i never, should really check the blog more oftener innit
    2 of my favorite reggae enthusiasts all in amongst togetherness

    david’s cassettes (remember cassettes!!!) were absolutely the greatest most treasured selections thru the 90’s
    lovely job

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