Saturday: Dancehall Jamboree – FREE


Stupidly good line up, brought to you by the Voltron-like Style & Swagger / Hipsters Don’t Dance / Physically Fit camp. Who are interviewed and bigged up in fine style by Time Out.

Especially gratifying to see both Curtis “Necessary Mayhem” Lynch and Wrongtom on the bill, the latter showcasing productions for his next album after “Duppy Writer” alongside the man like Deemas, who I had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago when we all failed to get into the Lovers Rock film. But it’s all good, frankly.

The last bash by this lot (or some of them at least) I went to at the Big Chill House was the day after the David Starkey debacle. I’d spent the afternoon doing my bit on the North London Unity March and got a bit teary on the roof as Saxon unleashed an awesome set and everyone seemed blissfully unbothered about whether or not the “whites had become black” or whatever.

Anyway, I shall keep a stiff upper lip this time, I promise. Plus it’ll be inside.

Crazy promo multimedia bits:


  1. In a bizarre twist of fate I read your post about this yesterday morning (having missed it somehow when you first posted it) and then found myself stranded in Kings X after the tubes had stopped, so feeling relieved to have somewhere warm to go I went to this and caught a few hours. I was there for the whole of the Curtis Lynch & Mr Williamz set which was a really top notch onslaught of dancehall old, new and future, with excellent live toasting over some versions. Really loved this.

    I guess Im getting crotchety and puritanical, but I just dont enjoy JA music that doesn’t use native traditional drum patterns, and if there are tunes built on US or even UK style drum breaks it just causes me to mutter under my breath and shake my head, so rather than moan I left a bit earlier than I might have.

    Still, a great night I’d happily revisit – and top marks to Curtis and Mr Williamz.

    Did anyone catch the Wrongtom set?

  2. Hi Mikus – ah well that sounded like it worked out ok for you compared to some of the late night places in kings cross 😉

    I think Wrongtom’s set would have been much more to your liking – mainly 80s dancehall riddims interspersed with his own takes on that sort of thing. Deemas J, his new MC and musical co-producer was a wicked MC…

    Seems like JA dancehall in 2011 is reliant on soca and other drum patterns so, like me, you end up coming across as an old curmudgeon. Though it is all growing on me, and there was a great vibe at the party – lots of young people having a good time 🙂


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