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I haven’t stopped blogging. I’ve just got really really picky.

This is something worth writing about. Like me, Kek-W has been flung into a boredom-induced rage at the state of the world and the constant click click click of refreshing screens.

So he’s done this weird fanzine/pdf/not quite sure what it is lash up. And it’s great – there is something about the format which means that you can’t just scroll through it looking at the pictures – you have to sit down with it with a cup of tea (or whatever) and take your time.

It’s a breath of fresh air – you can tell Kek’s spent some time thinking about it and making it rather than just bashing it out (like we all have a tendency to do these days). Some energising musings on what has got him to this point, and some great features on Pete UM and Pariah Carey. The highlight for me was the Libbe Matz Gang interview which may confuse or enlighten those in search of clues, but either way – it’s a laugh.


Meanwhile I amassing a stockpile of new and old words on little A5 pages myself…



  1. Its a great terrible mental idea as ever from Kek… And looking forward to your thing… Is 2ndfade doing squat little cybermen/sound systems in it?


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