New(ish) reggae fanzine! Tweetah issue zero published

Roll up! Roll up! Get ya scrappy xerox rag! Now sold out.

20 pages A5. Mainly by me, but with contributions from 2ndFade and (unbeknownst to him) Martin.

Trades/Blags are welcome.

(Images below are a bit compressed – the cover looks redder and slightly less ragged)

UK: £1.50

Europe: £2.69

Rest of World: £3.33


  1. DUCK says:

    Great news! cheers…


    Is this the zine world equivalent of ‘The Sun on Sunday’??

  3. JOHN says:

    I think it’s more like “News On Sunday”:

  4. EEK-A-PLEKZ says:

    got mine this morning, reading the rodigan interview with my morning coffee – cheers pal!

  5. FFF says:

    Just received my copy, thanks alot John!

  6. JOHN EDEN says:

    Big up FFF and Ekoplekz!

    Glad you got it ok :-)

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