election selection correction dejection

I’m grateful to my old mucker Merrick for dropping by with his thoughts on the election. We’ve argued the toss about politics for well over 15 years now and I’m pleased that it looks like continuing until we are shouty old men. I’m sure that Merrick is correct that, nationally. people avoided the Greens and …

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“and if you see your mom this weekend, be sure and tell her…”

It’s not often I bother with the adolescent antics of satan-bothering metallers, but a press release from convicted murderer Varg Vikernes recently caught my eye. Prison hasn’t made Varg any less of a nazi, but now he’s at large once again he’s been shocked to find that black metal is a haven for people who: …

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give up anti-fascism

The election of two BNP MEPs in the European elections has propelled the party onto the national stage and initiated a debate about why they’re achieving historically unprecedented results (or in some cases, even whether they are doing so), what is driving their recent performances and crucially, how they may be stopped and what the …

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shopping list

1) crowbar, small metal cosh, whip handle, whip, brass handle. 2) US type truncheon, two knives. 3) wooden truncheon. 4) bayonets, swords, a cosh and Nazi memorabilia*. OK, so that isn’t my shopping list. It is a list of items which were found during a search of the lockers (*and home) of four police officers …

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Southall 1979

History is made at night: Southall 1979. On Blair Peach (who was killed by the police during anti-fascist demonstration 30 years ago today). I’ve previously written about the Special Patrol Group here and also covered Southall as part of my writing (and mix) about UK reggae and the National Front.