Mattias Gardell – Gods of the Blood: The Pagan Revival and White Separatism (Duke University Press, 2003) Very readable for an academic book. Gardell is Swedish and specialises in the extreme end of comparative religion, having previously published a book on the Nation of Islam. The common theme being racial mysticism, of course – in …

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Wu Ming blog

Wu Ming Foundation. The authors of the excellent novels Q and 54 have abandoned their excellent english language e-newsletter and replaced it with a blog. I got quite excited about the publication of their 3rd novel, Manituana some time ago and the good news is that the english version will be out in June. So …

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you don’t want to bring the arms house

My arm is proper fucked up, so consider this something of an intermission. While I figure out what to do about that, some short posts with audio will be the order of the day. I did a talk at the Audio Poverty conference about blogging, fanzines, music journalism and occulture:

It’s sans powerpoint but …

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