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More Simon Reynolds than you can shake a stick at special: 1) Video podcast of ‘ardkore continuum presentation in Liverpool. 2) Simon on musique concrete and post punk on Johnny Mugwump’s Resonance FM show. 3) Online versions of his six articles for The Wire from ‘ardkore to grime.

Eshun and Goodman on The Long Tail virus

Kodwo Eshun + Steve Goodman aka Kode9 (that isn’t a secret is it?) doing their “Beyond The Long Tail” presentation at Audio Poverty in Berlin.

I haven’t listened to this again, but I really enjoyed seeing it in the flesh. I’m not a fan of people reading prepared texts, especially overly theoretical ones, but …

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Eden + Eshun + Rupture + Awesome tapes = Audio Poverty

Audio Poverty » AP Archivism. At the Audio Poverty Festival in Berlin I moderated a panel discussion featuring Kodwo Eshun, DJ Rupture, Brian Shimkovitz (awesome tapes from Africa). It was great, and rather than have me review it here, you can now download an mp3 of the whole thing via the link above!

licking stamps, listening to ipod

…was mainly spent in the post office and drinking (tho not at the same time). It amazes me how many people come out of the woodwork this time of year who have no idea about post office etiquette. Like, yes, you have to bring your own box for the things you are sending – and …

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History is made at night: Datacide in Berlin – Neil’s account of the conference and party. Matt B has moved his Idle Thoughts For Idle Moments blog to a new location. Check it out and you will find a dub mix, a nice tribute to UK Dub Stalwart Martin Campbell, and Matt’s commentary on his extraordinary contribution …

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Blogariddims Terminus

Previously in the Blogariddms #50 tag team throwndown: Nomos. Quiet and hooded, his eyes stared out, small hands make patterns on the window. Body shifting on wood, dog outside the door, flickering memories as trains manoeuvre in old men’s eyes. So, farewell to Blogariddims – retiring at the sprightly age of fifty episodes. The whole …

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Big Yard mix

I get sick of all the purism exhibited by people who know a little about reggae and are desperate to defend their cred. In their clamour to appear hip, they make a completely false distinction between “real” reggae and artists such as Sean Paul, Maxi Priest and especially Shaggy. At the bottom line this approach …

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This week’s two essential grime downloads

As Wiley jogs casually up the UK Top 40 with Wearing My Rolex, it’s heartening to see the grass roots crew upping the levels for the hardcore. 1. Boy Better Know – Microphone Champion vol 1 mic_champ_vil1_cd.mp3 – 1 hour 4 minutes and 10 seconds of grimey biz from Jammer, Skepta, JME, Frisco, Shorty, …

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Blogariddims 40: John Eden & Grievous Angel present grime in the dancehall

74 minute special! Lyrical onslaught! Shocking out! You can also download the mp3 and all previous episodes (which you should do, definitely) direct from or via itunes music store. Details of how to subscribe to Blogariddims Direct link to the mp3  

00:00 Introduction 00:26 Neckle Camp feat. Jammer, Rinse FM 01:02 Turbulence acapella …

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