Answer Riddim Clash – John Eden round

Here is my contribution to this week’s big news. John Eden – Answer riddim mix clash by Johnedenuk on Mixcloud

45 minutes of prime reggae, rocksteady and dancehall – on varied (but all excellent) cuts of the Answer Riddim. A one take live mix, with a few exclusive contributions from Hackney’s best female MC. …

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Blogariddims Office Party Mix – The tracklist

This mix came out as part of the excellent blogariddims series in December. 1. Elizabeth Welch – Stormy Weather 2. The Passions – I’m In Love With A German Film Star 3. Yazoo – Nobody’s Diary 4. Foxx – S-S-Single Bed 5. “Malcolm McLaren” (i.e. Bow Wow Wow) – Sexy Eiffel Tower 6. 2 …

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win a mix cd

Less than two days to go in the Blogariddims Office Party Mix track spotting competition! I won’t be doing an end-of-year-round-up but am instead doing a 2006mix which will only appear on a limited number of CDRs (i.e. you won’t be able to download it). If you can identify more than 6 tracks in the Office …

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Blogariddims 12 / Office Party Mix


A festive session featuring divas, teenagers, ice queens and those in between 1. “Everything I have is gone” 2. “Trying not to pose” 3. “Perhaps if I held you” 4. “The pleasures of night” 5. “It didn’t matter that he was tame” 6. “It penetrates your brain” 7. “A place to stay” 8. “I …

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reggae round up #1 – podcasts

The man like BMC has come up trumps with a wicked Nicodemus meet Bingy Bunny and the Morwells mix. Tim P and the Tighten Up crew have bashed out a load of classic tuneage also, and some recording of live sessions they’ve done which feature Champion and Leslie Lyrics (more of whom later).

belated commentary for Blogariddims#4

Eek-A-Mouse’s “Anarexol” has come back into vogue recently because the live version is heavily sampled on Junior Gong’s excellent “Khaki Suit”. You can hear both of these on Per’s wicked Discobelle mix over at This is the original studio cut and features the radics doing real rock like only they know how. Lyrically …

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Blogariddims 4: John Eden & Paul Meme present Dancehall Pressure


Paul’s fucked off to Wales and left me and my dodgy wrists to do the write up for this one. is the link. Here is an idiot’s guide of what to do with it You should also be able to get at it direct (and free) from itunes music store or You really …

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