You like bloggers doing mixes for download, right? But maybe find it difficult to keep up with where the really good ones are? Well… how about if you could subscribe to a podcast which would then zap a wicked hour-long mix straight into your player every two weeks? Hmmm? Well now you can! Droid over …

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Hosted by Paul Meme:


This is an absolutely breathtaking mix to download from none other than The Rootsman. An unbelievable line up and some of the best performances you will hear from name artists on dubplate. You cannot buy this music anywhere… THE ROOTSMAN Featuring D.BO GENERAL – FROM THE DUBPLATE BASKET VOLUME 1 1. ROBERT LEE – BANG …


Old Skool Dark Ambient Mix

“Every man does his thing a little way different” Errol Dunkley “Don’t get downhearted because of the dementors out there, just slip them the odd nasty Debbie Gibson / Jive Bunny megamix or some Merzbow teeth-pulls every now and then to keep em on their toes…” Loki This mix is the first one I ever …

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Anchormix Radio: Anchormix Version Four: Rounds One & Two

“…a soundclash of King Tubby versus Scientist inna Anchormix style. The goal was to pay tribute to two dub heavyweights while using the songs as elements themselves and weaving in the vocal talents of Omnibus MC. In a four-round clash, DJ’s Andren and Scott Allen took turns re-mixing, looping and dubbing each track into a …

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Best of 2005 mix

Download from: here. 2015 Edit – now here: John Eden – Rough and Ready Best of 2005 Reggae mix by Johnedenuk on Mixcloud PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A ZIPPED FILE! Don’t unzip or decompress it, simply download it and then change the “.zip” at the end of the filename to “.mp3”. This is a …

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Pressure & Slide

Never was a blog better named than Matt’s Idle Thoughts for Idle Moments. He could never be accused of being an obsessive blogger (which is to his credit) but instead just bungs up the odd interesting post now and then. He’s been unusually prolific of late, with posts covering his trip to New York and …

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