Can’t Take No More: Babylon sampling mania!

Holy soundsystem culture convergence, Batman! Lots of sampling and rejigging of the classic film Babylon going on at the moment. Aswad’s “Warrior Charge” tune is of course the sonic conrnerstone of the film. It features on Dizzee’s Rascal’s latest album (which I have previously yacked about here) alongside Brinsley Forde’s “Can’t Take No More of …

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Heatwave dancehall grime mix up on Rinse FM

Great stuff from 2am last Friday morning, now available courtesy of the rinse podcast. Elijah and Skilliam also present and correct.

2009: The year grime began to pay Five No 1 singles, record label feeding frenzies, influencing the US charts – no one imagined grime would get this big. Dan Hancox explains how Dizzee Rascal and Tynchy Stryder set the world alight. Nice overview from Dan with some great links at the end that show grime’s real talent away from the Top …

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Dan Hancox – The Essential Wiley

Characteristically on point article by Dan on the grime godfather’s top ten selected. FACT magazine: music & art news, upfront videos, free downloads, classic vinyl, competitions, gigs, clubs, festivals & exhibitions – The Essential…Wiley.