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More Simon Reynolds than you can shake a stick at special: 1) Video podcast of ‘ardkore continuum presentation in Liverpool. 2) Simon on musique concrete and post punk on Johnny Mugwump’s Resonance FM show. 3) Online versions of his six articles for The Wire from ‘ardkore to grime.

2008 grime recommendations

Too much happening with Grime this year for me to provide anything like a proper roundup. I can’t even say with any honesty that I’ve had a chance to properly check out everything I’ve bought or downloaded. Which is good – an embarrassment of riches instead of slim pickings. One of my resolutions for 2009 …

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Nasty Jack – Shotta Music (Goldseal CD)

“Raggamuffin Nasty Jack inna de area, me a true grime star…” Don’t tell the better half, but by my reckoning I have bought 14 grime mixtapes this year. The imminent release of the 4th installments of both Jammer’s “Are You Dumb?” and Trim’s “Soulfood” will surely increase this total (and we’d better not mention the numerous 12″ …

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Blogariddims Terminus

Previously in the Blogariddms #50 tag team throwndown: Nomos. Quiet and hooded, his eyes stared out, small hands make patterns on the window. Body shifting on wood, dog outside the door, flickering memories as trains manoeuvre in old men’s eyes. So, farewell to Blogariddims – retiring at the sprightly age of fifty episodes. The whole …

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Dot Rotten meets Blackdown and Saxon uptown

We featured Young Dot in Woofah issue 1’s feature on upcoming Grime MCs, but we missed something then which fits so nicely into the Woofah worldview that I’m kicking myself now. Young Dot subsequently mutated into Dot Rotten, and killed off his former incarnation with the excellent “RIP Young Dot” mixtape. It’s one of my …

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