the thirteenth gig I can remember going to

Click here for a complete list of entries in the series  “the first 23 gigs I can remember going to”. 13. Butthole Surfers, Shamen, AR Kane. Clarendon, 6th August 1987. Me and Wal were spending our hard earned at Record and Tape Exchange in Camden one sunny day when they started playing this insane freaky noise …

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“It’s chipboard quality, easy installment scheme.”

“[The guitar] cost me £5 from a guy in another squat, which was cheap even then,” he admits, “and I replaced the missing bridge with a door handle.” Great retrospective piece on squat punk dubbers World Domination Enterprises over at The Quietus. Ages ago I used to exchange tapes with a bloke who now runs …

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all sorts of badness

Stewart Home has updated his website to include yet more information about the fascist inclinations and associations of neofolk “musician” Tony Wakeford. Also featured are some rebuttals of the ridiculous criticisms leveled at Home by the pseudo-academic “Industrialised Culture Research Network” blog.