review: Duke Vin and the birth of ska

Off to the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham last Monday for the showing of this film. The event was organised by the RMT Union’s Black and Ethnic Minority Members Advisory Committee. The introduction was by General Secretary, Bob Crowe. So! A righteous trinity of black culture, Bernie “The youths around here believe the police …

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Hollow Earth: Cary Grant Re-Up

  Hollow Earth: Cary Grant Re-Up Matt republishes his excellent comic strip from back in the day. Proper weird London drifting – complete with crate digging. I loved Matt’s cartoons so much that I was always pestering him to do more. I was thrilled when he agreed to do some strips for the first few …

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I Hate Rinse FM

Actually I don’t, but was interested to see these comments from the ever-readable Paul Stott: I Intend To Escape ………………….And Come Back : I Hate Rinse FM. Reminds me of my pirates, politics, parochialism post from a few years back. (We got round the pirates interfering with Radio 4 by getting digital radio in the end…)

Lost In The Cracks of Croydon

I was pretty excited about visiting Croydon last week for the private view of Georgina Cook’s degree show. As many of you will know I’ve been a great admirer of her photos for many years and was thrilled when she agreed to let us use her images for the first two issues of Woofah (including the front …

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shopping list

1) crowbar, small metal cosh, whip handle, whip, brass handle. 2) US type truncheon, two knives. 3) wooden truncheon. 4) bayonets, swords, a cosh and Nazi memorabilia*. OK, so that isn’t my shopping list. It is a list of items which were found during a search of the lockers (*and home) of four police officers …

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tougher yet

8:30am, City of London. The suits are back on, but the shops are still boarded up. Commuters emerge blinking from Bank tube station, greeted by the smell of hardening horse manure. And graffitti: “Freedom” “All Cops Are Cunts” Circled A’s, Hearts, slogans of varying triteness. There are police standing where the private security guards were …

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rougher yet

5:30pm, City of London. Quiet. No traffic, no noise. There is your actual reduction of carbon emissions. Leave  your car and suit at home, maybe stay there yourself. It could be like a little holiday. Two blokes with plummy voices discuss capitalism on the way home, no way of knowing if they are dressed down …

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