The occult masterminds who run London Transport and First Capital Connect have used powerful magickal rituals to curtail the realisation of a truly human community on their trains – their agenda is the processing of the maximum amount of paying passengers, on the smallest amount of paid manpower.

Power Writers and the Struggle Against Slavery

Power Writers and the Struggle Againt Slavery: Celebrating five African writers who came to the East End of London in the 18th Century (HANSIB/THACMO ISBN 187051833X) A fascinating booklet published by the Tower Hamlets African and Caribbean Mental Health Association. It covers five black writers who lived in the east end in the 18th Century. …

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terror tunes

“Terrorist, why don’t you stop terrorising the neighbourhood? The people want to live in the right way they should” See also the ’89 Jammys production “Them a terrorist” by Johnny Osborne. See also-also, Neil over at Transpontine on all of this.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner…

Caption: Your ironic t-shirt is out of fashion as of 8:50am this morning. What a completely fucked up day. Everybody panicing, but trying to hide it. Everybody staring into space, contacting loved ones, surfing for more information, and then remembering to pretend to work. Everybody, but everybody, walking: I walked all the way home from …

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