exotic pylon session

A marvelous chaotic time in the studio as Mr Johnny Mugwump played host on Saturday. Giant Paw were in fine form and it was great to see them expanded into a five piece, with some new material to boot. I’d brought enough tunes for a short post-punk dub mix but ended up alternating with the …

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exotic pylon droid/10-20

mp3 of the radio show on Saturday is below. Thanks to Mr Mugwump for hosting. Nice to hear the selection from 10-20 and to bump into Thorsten who runs his label – Highpoint Lowlife. Droid on form as ever (stick to music, mate. I am afraid you will never make it as a swingball player…). Two …

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berlin backyardradio » Blog Archive » John Eden: The Roots of DIY

berlin backyardradio » Blog Archive » John Eden: The Roots of DIY. Blimey, more from Berlin! I’d forgotten I’d done this – an interview with the lovely people at Backyard Radio whose studio is based in the Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

Check the site for more stuff including an interview with Kodwo Eshun and …

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scaling the erotic pylon

The Resonance show was a blast. I met some great people and had a lot of fun. The tracklist is now up here: http://exoticpylon.com/pages/11-04-09.html As is an mp3 of the show, but you can also access that below. It’s well worth checking the archives as well, all the shows so far are available to hear. …

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John Eden meets Olaf Karnik across the decks

Olaf is a reggae writer and fan outta Cologne. We previously interviewed each other for the Audio Poverty programme. We also played some tunes to close the festival. They laid on a great soundsystem for us. We were preceded by Quarta 330, a really cool Japanese guy who fiddled with a load of gameboys to …

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you don’t want to bring the arms house

My arm is proper fucked up, so consider this something of an intermission. While I figure out what to do about that, some short posts with audio will be the order of the day. I did a talk at the Audio Poverty conference about blogging, fanzines, music journalism and occulture:

It’s sans powerpoint but …

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Yeah, two years since the last one – but a few things got in the way innit! Check me playing some records and yakking about them. Feedback welcome. More things of this nature planned…

UK reggae and the National Front

(or: Smash the National Front – part two) A little bit of audio for you after all that book-reviewage last week:

Here is a short mix of reggae tunes concerned with the National Front. There is a track by track breakdown below, but what I found surprising was how few tunes there were given …

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Scientist speaks! (about blown speakers)

Courtesy of Chocolate Soldier on the B&F board and Scientist’s own dubmusic.com But also read this.

deader by dawn

History is Made at Night with some more info on Dead by Dawn and some audio I grabbed off the “Dead by Dawn – The 24th Party” Double LP. This was released on the final, 23rd, night of the club by Praxis and featured many of the artists who had done sets there. The album …

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