« A G I T D I S C O. An interesting site by Stefan Szczelkun about music and politics. Stefan invites his contacts to contribute a compilation CD and commentary on their selection. Check out what people like Stewart Home, Howard Slater, Tom Vague and Simon Ford have chosen and why. No audio though, …

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A Hidden History of King Mob (Posters/Cartoons)

The Revolt Against Plenty site has been overhauled to include some graphics and posters from the King Mob group. A Hidden History of King Mob (Posters/Cartoons). See also: JUMBLED NOTES: A CRITICAL HIDDEN HISTORY OF KING MOB (one to print out rather than read online I think!)

Spirit soundsystem benefit – Saturday

Solution Sounds Benefit Session 15 November 2008 Silent Whispers 21-23 Sedgwick Street Homerton E9 11pm – 6am £8.00 An update on the case, via Hackney Solidarity Group Bailiffs abandoned plans to take possession of Spirits shop on Monday (03/11/08) after a rally of local supporters collected on Broadway Market to show their support for one …

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Berlin: Datacide conference and party 31 Oct 08

Datacide is a magazine which emerged out of the more political techno subcultures in Europe in the 1990s. It has been characterized as a breakcore magazine but its sonic spectrum also covers industrial, speedcore, ragga jungle, dubstep, mash ups etc. But it is the political and cultural aspects which are most interesting for me – they …

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Credit Crunchin’

A guide to the language of economics and recession as it relates to workers, as opposed to abstract mystifying jargon. – by the UK based Wildcat group, from the last time around (early 1990s) Credit crunch whacks Industrial in the wallet. – Beyond The Implode, in tribute to my latest ebay auctions (which finish Tuesday …

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