Flux of Pink Indians

Interesting recent interview with the reformed Flux over at expletive undeleted. I suppose the main themes are how time and growing older give you some perspective, but also the vilification of Derek Birkett – the member of the band who went on to run the now very large One Little Indian Records. As I said …

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Readers’ Cramp

Ah, The Cramps. The cooler kids at school all seemed to get into them at exactly the same time, flashing their records about and drawing that classic logo on their bags. It looked like my interest in punk and obsessive viewing of b&w re-runs of The Munsters and Addams Family all wrapped up in a …

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the fucking pricks treat us like cunts

Sean over at expletive undeleted unearths Flux of Pink Indian’s most, ah, “challenging” album and also republishes his interview with them from around the time it was released. I came into anarcho punk from the wrong end – managing to pick up this LP and Crass’ similarly experimental “Yes Sir I Will” before the more …

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Blog of the Day 4: Tales of old second hand vinyl… and other stuff

expletive undeleted Well, he needed a gentle nudge after me bigging up his accounts of seeing Crass and Jah Shaka in the early 80s, but Mr Smith3000 has returned to form with some great posts including: Checking Stone Love in JA, The Butthole Surfers in fine conversational form circa Locust Abortion Technician, Sly and Robbie.

Blog of the Day 2: KYPP

Kill Your Pet Puppy… …was a beacon of colour in the monochrome early 80s dominated by misery merchants Crass and TG. A zine I never saw at the time, but had read about in passing on a few occasions. I retold what I knew during a talk on magick and anarchism about ten years ago, …

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