Who says the music biz is dieing? Give the kids what they want and you can’t go wrong! All my copies of Libbe Matz Gang’s soon to be legendary “The First LMG EP” sold out within 24 hours. Please order direct from the good people at Libertatia Overseas Trading to avoid disappointment. Soon! Yesterday’s post …

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smashing phallic imperialism in Norfolk

We headed off for some more tent-related fun after Camp Bestival. The original plan was to go to Wales, but the reports of gale force winds and torrential rain dampened the spirits of even the sturdiest in our crew. Needless to say this isn’t really my bag – last year’s experience on the Isles of …

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Squids In

  Respect all comments box cru [1], [2], especially those who know the difference between “giant” and “colossal” and have realised that models are models of something. And hello to everyone who linked here and/or spread the squid-horror-virus by downloading or linking to the image. It’s fair to say that Squid Mania has swept the …

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colossal squid update

I can’t remember anything which has generated so much interest, links and comments here. 🙂 Even the Afflicted vs Ammo City spat, or the homophobia in dancehall “debates”. People sceptical of the squid’s god-like existence may like to see this comment from Bill, who – quite awesomely – is actually in the photo below.

something is moving… beneath our feet

I wouldn’t normally put such big pics on here, but JESUS CHRIST! That ain’t “normal”! Everyone in our household, and all the adults we’ve shown this to have completely freaked out when they’ve seen it. 4 year olds seem immune and reckon it’s hilarious, which frankly is all for the best… I think. It’s been …

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