gallery is working again

You probably haven’t noticed but my gallery has been down for a few months. I’ve now got it working again and added some new stuff. Some it is just snapshots taken with my phone (as above) though. [EDIT – gallery removed after hacks and crashes] More on Hillsborough here.


I’m having some problems with my internet connection right now. For some reason this slowing down means that my blog entries show up with comments turned off. It’s a wordpress thing, nothing personal! Use the contact form linked from the top of this page if you need or want to…

Round Up

Not enough hours in the day right now. A few things planned, maybe. Maybe not, the sun’s out! Stuff to read: Rahul Verma on UK MCs, the Caribbean and rave culture | The Heatwave Blog – dancehall reggae and bashment Bevin Fagan RIP (Matumbi singer passed away in April…) BEYOND THE iMPLODE: July Watching Post …

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