you don’t want to bring the arms house

My arm is proper fucked up, so consider this something of an intermission. While I figure out what to do about that, some short posts with audio will be the order of the day. I did a talk at the Audio Poverty conference about blogging, fanzines, music journalism and occulture:

It’s sans powerpoint but …

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John Eden meets Simon Reynolds by the zine rack at Compendium

ReynoldsRetro Completely unexpurgated* interviews conducted by Simon Reynolds for his Guardian piece on zines.. Featuring (in order of appearance) ME (Woofah and my long distinguished history of zine-nerdery) , ELODIE AMANDINE ROY (Applejack), JON DALE (Astronauts), MIKE MCGONIGAL (Yeti/Chemical Imbalance), JOLY MCFIE (Better Badges) *i.e. includes my own typos and half finished sentences because I …

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Woofah #3 is being printed

Right now! I am very excited about this, but don’t want to give too much away before it arrives. In the meantime please treat yourself to a “behind the scenes” feature about the world’s best Reggae/Grime/Dubstep fanzine courtesy of Beyond The Implode: A Day In The Life of a Woofah Contributor

Dot Rotten meets Blackdown and Saxon uptown

We featured Young Dot in Woofah issue 1’s feature on upcoming Grime MCs, but we missed something then which fits so nicely into the Woofah worldview that I’m kicking myself now. Young Dot subsequently mutated into Dot Rotten, and killed off his former incarnation with the excellent “RIP Young Dot” mixtape. It’s one of my …

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