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Where Reggae really begins - in tune to the sound system.

Here is the heart of the music: groups of youth, each with their different philosophies, who travel the country or simply nice up their own areas. To hear it at peak potency you need to be tapped into the wires, the handbills that announce the upcoming sound spectaculars, station underground news. If you can manage you'll travel to check out your favourite sound as you might your local football, domino or darts team. This is their story. All systems go!

Introduction - Colin and Paul reason on Dub and Lovers.

Fatman Hotspur Hi-Fi

Robert Fearon aka "Ribs" - Selector with Fatman Hi-Fi

Jah Shaka - Spiritual Dub Warrior

Sir Coxsone Outernational

Sheebeen - Nothing But A House Party

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Note: This is a fairly literal conversion of a 4 page NME spread from the 1980s. I haven't changed any of the grammar or wording from the original, except for maybe some scanning errors (let me know if you spot any!). I have particularly resisted the temptation to change the anglicised transcriptions of patois here, like "them" rather than "dem". That way, the articles here are a record not only of what was happening in the London soundsystem scene in the early 80s, but also of how that scene was potrayed by the media - warts and all. Enjoy!

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