COIL - Narcotics and Nerves

We interviewed Coil at their house in West London on the 16th of May 1991 (the day of the big Current 93/Death in June/Sol Invictus gig at the Venue in New Cross). It was a bright summer's day and we were both nervous as bastards. I kept telling myself (and Justin) that they were just blokes that happened to make brilliant music, but I guess we just didn't want to make arses out of ourselves. It was the first interview I'd ever done. Since then things have got a lot easier and my "style" has improved immensely. In fact, I was hardly nervous at all at the next interview (with 'the Cranes') we did, and I'd never heard ANY of their music at all.

As we stammered through the job the 3 people we were clumsily interrogating took on different characteristics. Sleazy was pre-occupied with the carpet man coming and hardly said anything. John Balance was as helpful as can be (even straining to answer my most stupid questions). And Stephen Thrower was a piss-taking git (which was a bit unnerving, but still pretty fucking funny).

The piece was originally for "Spiral Scratch" magazine, but we touted it around our friends and it ended up remixed and mutated in several different zines, including Crash Worship's "Minotaurus" and (translated into German) the Vienna zine "Der Gurtel".

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