VDO ephemera from the uncarved.org archive

A Case of Bestiality by V.D.O. from Nanavesh 005, 1983.

Flyer for "The Last Supper" front back

Flyer for "The Pagan Drums of Calanda" front

Press Release for "The Pagan Drums of Calanda" front

Flyer for "Cold Meat" front back

Flyer for "Un Chien Catalan" front

Flyer for "Las Vegas Wall of Sound" event (circulated by Jordi Valls at first Whitehouse "come back" gig in 1990)

Flyer for Whitehouse Live Aktion 1 Whiskey A Go Go, London, 8 February 1982. "Vagina Dentata Organ presenta..." (image stolen from the now defunct Axis Archives/David Minshall)

Life Without Sex: Special Issue on VDO Over 100 pages - fanatical!

Instructions for hyper cylindric cross for Berlin performance 31.03.12.