The public activity of Jordi Valls begins in 1977 in Barcelona, promoting two seminal groups, Throbbing Gristle and Whitehouse, with articles in magazines, radio programs and the presentation of the film "After Cease to Exist" by TG.

From promotion Jordi soon passes to a more direct form of collaboration. On Whitehouse's "Psychopathia Sexualis" (a record based on the classical medical works by Dr. Richard von Krafft Ebing and inspired by "The 120 Days of Sodom" by the Marquis de Sade) he is the speaker whose Catalan voice can be heard between each track, illustrating the activities of some psychopathic sexual criminals as P. Sutcliffe, E. Paisnel, F. Haarmann, the Boston strangler, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

1983 is the official start of Vagina Dentata Organ and World Satanic Network System, under which names he will produce his own works.

"Music for the Hashishins in memoriam of Hasan Sabbah" is his first release. This record was inspired and conceived from a tape by Psychic TV while recording The Pack (of wolves) on the 23, 24 and 25 of July 1983 in Soho, London. It's a functional record to play only at selected times: "Listen carefully to these recordings and you might discover your true will. It is highly recommended as background music to your sexual games and blood rituals."

In 1984 W.S.N.S. present its second release: "...on November 18, 1978 in an isolated jungle village, 912 men, women and children took poison and died at the behest of cult leader Jim Jones. The W.S.N.S. presents the ultimate picture-disc LP, the live recordings of the last moments of life at the People's Temple in Jonestown, Guyana.
Limited edition of 912 copies only, hand numbered, one per each dead body."

The "agonised cries of the victims, the faint screams of the children, the lone woman dissenter being shouted down, the strangely calm voice of the deranged Jones, as he exerted his flock to drink from the washtub of fruit drink laced with potassium cyanide and powerful tranquillizers" got a four minute broadcast in the States: "the immediacy of the tape recording on breakfast-time television yesterday in some respects evoked even stronger emotions than the photographic evidence assembled after the death" (last two quotations from The Times March 15 1979), then the whole event was lost in the short-time media memory.

Through the American connection of Monte Cazazza and Genesis P-Orridge, Jordi Valls got hold of the recordings and released this controversial record. Considered either an historical document (something like the "those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it" as was written over the throne from where Reverend Jones used to give his speeches in the temple) or a tasteless act (as a German member of the Parliament denounced it), this is for sure one of the most reviewed and discussed independent records these last years.

"Pagan Drums of Calanda - The Triumph of the Flesh" is the third and latest record published by W.S.N.S.

Calanda is a remote little village in Spain where once a year is celebrated one of the most beautiful pagan feasts in the western world. Village people, about 3,000, of any age and of both sexes, start beating drums without stopping for two days and two nights. A masterful description of the deep experience of hearing and beating the drums at Calanda had been given by the film maker Luis Bunuel.

"Toward noon on Good Friday the drummers gather in the main square opposite the church and wait there in total silence. When the first bell in the church tower begins to toll, a burst of sound, like a terrific thunderclap, electrifies the whole village. All the drums explode at the same instant."

"A sort of wild drunkenness breaks out among the players; they beat for two hours until the procession forms, then it leaves the square When two groups beating two different tempos meet at one of the village crosses, they engage in a duel which may last as long as an hour - or until the weaker group relents and keep the victor's rhythm. By the early hours of Saturday morning, the skin of the drums is stained with blood, even through the beating hands belonging to peasants. As the bell tolls the noon hour, the drums suddenly fall silent, but even after the rhythms of the daily life have been re-established, some villagers still speak in an oddly halting manner, an involuntary echo of the beating drums..."

This record contains nothing but a live recording of the feast personally made by Jordi Valls. Worthy of mention is a special limited edition of this record: " a personal tribute to Calanda's blood scented nights, about 30 copies only, of this new picture disc LP, contain encapsulated freeze-dried, sterilised human bloodstains, from Vagina Dentata's ripped flesh: Last Will and Testament, to the hashishins of this world."

A video documentary about the three records released by W.S.N.S has been produced by Julian Alvarez and has won the first prize in the 26th Semana International de Cinema in Barcelona. A forty page booklet with the transcript of Jim Jones� last speech audible on the record plus documents and pictures of the Temple has been released and is still available, as well as the last two records, at W.S.N.S. address.

In the same 1984 Jordi Valls is directly involved in film making. Already in 1982 he has directed "I hate everybody, black or white", an iperrealistic film about a blind killer, with Whitehouse soundtrack and produced by Come Organisation. After that he took part in TG's video "Heathen Earth" and the Whitehouse's "Peter Kurten, Sadist & Mass Slayer" and "Try and be Grateful". Then he's script writer and character in a film directed by Derek Jarman, one of the most creative contemporary English film makers (Sebastiane, Jubilee, In The Shadow Of The Sun - with T.G. music, Dreamachine - based on the research and namesake machine by Brion Gysin, some short films with Psychic TV, etc)

This film, whose title is "Catalan", is a dreamy reconstruction of a car accident; the music is by PTV and the production is not independent but by the PVE, the national Spanish television.

And finally, television. Jordi Valls received an official invitation for Vagina Dentata and Psychic TV to appear at "La Edad de Oro", an art show of the Spanish television. And they went for it; the day after they were on TV, they were also in all the Spanish newspapers, a big scandal that provoked the halt of the program.

"All through yesterday, ABC editorial offices received countless protests about the impudence, vile tone and bad taste, and the inadmissible blasphemies that the television viewers had to endure during the broadcast of the show 'Le Edad de Oro'", "A serious attack against the religious feeling of the Spanish people", "violence, sadism and pornography", and last but not least "An offence to rock music" which is the headline Jordi Valls confesses he gets more proud of.

What made Spanish people and their opinion makers go so crazy were above all some scenes of the broadcast videos: "A crucifix with a the head of a pig instead of that of Christ" (so the Spanish saw the T.O.P.Y. symbol, which for the occasion had the head of god Ipis on it) and naked bodies suggesting love making in coffins. Reported as a matter of scandal were also Genesis' words and behaviour in an interview held after a short concert, both included in the TV show: "If you have not felt orgasm during my performance, then this means you got a bad education".

Then Jordi Valls solo performance as Vagina Dentata Organ, which ends the TV show.

Dressed as a sort of pagan priest, in the middle of an altar surrounded by twelve barking police dogs and with a background sound of Calanda's drums, Jordi Valls destroys three paintings by Casademont (valued at over one million pesetas) from which spring; blood.

A "fascist" performance for the press, a definition that maybe reflects the sgoment [?] and the offence felt by the Spanish self-esteemed artistic honour. Summing Jordi Valls' activities in 1984, it's hard to find more exciting way to celebrate the year of Orwell's prophecy.

Apart from a track on the German compilation LP "Ohrenschrauben" as Vagina Dentata Organ, "Kill Baby, Kill" nothing else has been officially produced by Jordi Valls in 1985. Don't worry. He is contemporaneously working at three new records to be released in 1986: "Organ Alleluya - the sound of the orgasm", "Organ's Requiem - the sound of death, recorded in European hospitals", "The Black Box - recordings from the black boxes of airplane crashes".

What are the aims of World Satanic Network System?

We are like mercenaries. We sell blood, sex, life and death, at a price. We don't give a shit about music.

Can you see yourself as a journalist making reports about neglected facts?

No. We only report facts we love. It comes natural.

Don't you fear that your message can reach only a small crowd of people, a sort of elitism?

First of all, we have messages for nobody. Who cares? I don't. On the other hand, our products are very commercial; the special edition of the CALANDA LP with encapsulated human bloodstains, sells very well at £100.00 each, it is one of the most rare and expensive records in the world market. Also, a collector just paid 100 dollars for an old copy of THE HASHISHINS LP, now sold out. As I said before, our approach is very mercenary, for the hell of it. People love to pay up, the more expensive the better. It's not my problem.

"Bring me all the most horrible pictures. If they can be shown we are not interested in them..." (W.S.Burroughs) So exposed pictures lose their value?

What old Billy means, is that is much more mysterious and erotic, a well dressed-up body, than a naked one; but every 10 year old kid knows that. Therefore, if I expose death through VAGINA, death becomes more like my ex-lover...

Something like the SPK strategy "to expose the cathedral of death"?

Death should be accepted and exposed without cosmetics. Sex is a celebration of death, Eros and Thanatos are very similar. Necrophilia has a good point somewhere.

Art has reached a crisis point and now media act like Ali Agca and holy wars are our spectacle. So what about art?

Truth and reality is best. Art is a fake, just a silly lie. An urban terrorist, or a plane crash, is a thousand times more exciting to our brain-wave, than any paintings by Michelangelo or Tiziano. That's what VAGINA DENTATA is about: Reality or nothing. Poetry without rhetoric!


This interview with Jordi Valls, from Vagina Dentata Organ, was conducted via mail - September 1985 - by Marco Farano.