"MY VIEWS on sound system right now. Me personally lose a bit of the enthusiasm, not in my sound, sound system in general. The same spirit is not there that was there before. Just going out and two sound playing together, that used to create a certain atmosphere, because that was the unique thing once upon a time, but now everything get so commercial. I mean it gone from two sound to three sound in a hall now, to four. To go out and listen to four sounds, four, five and six sound in one place, it's common. So therefore it doesn't become exciting no more. Plus, all you're hearing nowadays is a bag o'noise, is just wattage, there's no enjoyment, there's no selection, right?

"I'm a selector and I play a selection, which means wha', I might play a selection of one artist, or a selection of another artist. Nowadays, to me, they just play anything. So there's not that amount of excitement in it no more...

"And I prefer to play in a hall by myself. When I'm playing with other sound I'm selecting and I know what I'm doing. You might be doing something completely different, and it puts me off.

"The competition is no good for the audience, no way at all, because you find out say the sound system there now, from is competition you're no longer entertaining, you're trying to find a record that is better than the record that the next man just play, and that doesn't necessarily mean is the tune what the people them might want to hear, but you're going to play it in any case. So then it becomes boring after a while.

"You see you have competition dances which are direct competition dances, where there is a cup or a trophy at stake. Whereas you might have two sounds that are just playing together, which is supposed to be an entertainment night, but it doesn't because it becomes a competition. From two sounds string up together now it's just an automoatical competition, they feel say is a competition, and that's no good. That wrong. It kill the entertainment side. Sound system used to draw a large crowd, and then when you go to a dance hall now you don't see nobody in a the dance hall."

Robert Fearon aka "Ribs": selector with Fatman Hi-Fi.

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