uncarved.org mp3 policy

We will occasionally upload files of music we think people who read our website may be interested in.

By definition this will be music which can't usually be heard elsewhere, either because it is out of print - or is available, but is under-exposed.

We hope by doing this that people will get interested in new music - the sounds they never heard before. We are already aware that significant numbers of people who read our site do go out and buy music they have read about here.

We would also like to generate interest from record companies who rerelease out of print records. If we like something, and a number of our readers are prepared to track it down and buy it 2nd hand, often at inflated prices, then we enjoy the buzz being created, but would much prefer it if the artists were rewarded in some way by these transactions.

We are, ourselves, usually buyers - rather than downloaders - of music. Insatiable "P2P gluttony" devalues music, in our opinion.

It is necessary to say that we apologise if artists or labels, or publishers or copyright holders, do not want us to make their music available.

If you contact us at our email adddress - "hello <at-sign> uncarved <dot> org" then we will remove the relevant material as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours, if not sooner).

Similarly, we'd like to hear from you if we have featured your music and you think that is a good thing!

Any mp3 files we upload will only be available for a limited time.