Writing on industrial and experimental music.



THE FIRST TASTE OF HOPE IS FEAR - major article on Mark Stewart and the Maffia by John Eden



What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?
John Eden's time as a Death In June fan.

  VAGINA DENTATA ORGAN - Tributes to the most fanatical band in the world!

MOTHER DESTRUCTION Inteview with Amodali by John Eden

(originally appeared in Esoterra)


CRASH WORSHIP interviewed by John Eden and Justin Mitchell

(originally appeared in Ov Magazine)


COIL interviewed by John Eden and Justin Mitchell just after the release of the "Love's Secret Domain" album

(originally appeared in Spiral Scratch)


ORGANUM interviewed by the Out of Order Order

(originally appeared in Gneurosis)


NURSE WITH WOUND - "Post Operative Aural Medicine" by Paul Condon. An in-depth article examining their earlier work and influences. Revised version for Uncarved.

(originally appeared in Fractured)


THE STRANGE CASE OF NICKY CRANE - what was a neo-nazi skinhead doing starring in a Psychic TV video? By John Eden.


THE OCCULTURAL ROOTS OF 'INNA GADDA DA VIDA' - Iron Butterfly's surprising connection with Brion Gysin by John Eden.


Peter Sotos/Pure Magazine - review article by Trevor Blake

(originally appeared in OVO)


Church Of Satan/Anton LaVey - Misanthropy is Stupid by Turbulence and T.O.P.Y. Station 23

(originally appeared in Turbulent Times and T.O.P.Y. newsletters)


More writing on industrial music and culture - on the blog. This is where the new stuff appears.

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