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In celebration of the release of Dr Dolittle 2 (with the inventive slogan for which some ad agency got paid - Dolittle Is Back), we've been discussing sequels. As everyone knows, if a film is any good, theres a sequel, as we see in such masterpieces as Universal Soldier: The Return, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Police Academy 6 and Jaws 3D. Many supposedly classic films could surely be vastly improved upon in a sequel.

The Compounds Top Ten Sequels:

1. Its Another Wonderful Life
2. Casablanca 2: Ricks Revenge
3. Withnail & I & I : A Delightful Weekend In Jamaica
4. Harvey 2: That Darn Rabbit!
5. Citizen Kane Goes To Hong Kong
6. Blade Runner 2: Recharging The Batteries
7. Plan 10 From Outer Space
8. Graduate 2: The Divorce
9. Taxi Driver 2: The Chauffeur
10. Pulp Fiction 2: Pulp Fact


John Eden



Wake the Town and Tell the People, Born Fi Dead, The Wire, Bash The Fash, The Couriers Are Revolting, Staggering Work of blah, Logic Bomb, A Place Called Nothing Hill, Turn Illness into a Weapon


The Sopranos series 1 on video from the library.

Slave Nation by Darcus Howe was pretty good on Channel 4 (Dennis Bovel Soundtrack, too!) though I missed a few of them. A cantankerous look at the UK in 2001 - some great stuff exposing the cult of work.

Green Eyed Devil with Fay Ripley was rockin' psycho-drama.

Quills, the De Sade film was better than I thought it would be, though I guess I would have preferred a straight biography, or a weirded out mythopoetic version rather than a straight 'dramatised' narrative.

John Water's film, "Cecil B Demented" was a bit of a one trick pony, but I still really liked it.

Spike Lee's "Bamboozled" privileges the "issue" (of the depiction of afro-americans in the US media) over storyline, so you end up watching it like a documentary, which it isn't. Looks seriously low-budget for Spike, presumably because people didn't want to fund it, which is quite telling. Worth a go, though.



Spacemen 3 - the one with "Transparent Radiation" on it.

23 Skidoo - Just Like Everybody


Scientist - Dub Landing 2

Mighty Diamonds - Right Time

Alimentado - Best Dressed Chicken in Town

Congos - Heart of the Congos

Burning Spear - Spear Burning

Two Lone Swordsmen - Tiny Reminders

Sizzla - Kalonji



Feel free to email us with your top tens - (it doesn't have to be music, obviously, in fact it may be better if they aren't.)

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