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"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you
Without a strong rhyme to step to
Think of how many weak shows you slept through
Time's up, I'm sorry I kept you."


***** gave birth to our daughter on the 3rd of September and she has completely disrupted any attempts at organised activity every since. In a good way :-). However, personal web sites where people bang on about their kids are usually pretty dreadful for other people, so I won't get gooey about all that here. Suffice to say it's one of the best (and hardest) things that's ever happened to me.

This update has been speed-written in those brief periods that are not work or sleep or other things. So much stuff has happened since last time that it's difficult to remember it all. Thanks to everyone who has sent me stuff to review - I'm sorry it's taken a while. My guess is that updates will continue to be sporadic, so the best way to keep up to date is to email me ("list at uncarved dot org" with "updates list" in the subject head.

Apologies for any mistakes or omissions this time.

Thanks to everyone who has been so great since the arrival of Ruby.



"Dub - The Vinyl Frontier" by Bill Dew. One man's thoughts on his involvement in the scene. We have ripped it off wholesale from the late great Ego Magazine.

"Suicide for Socialism" by Maurice Brinton was written in the aftermath of Jonestown. Brinton was involved with the UK council communist group "Solidarity" (and was also a neurosurgeon?!). This the only piece I've seen which properly examines the Peoples Temple in terms of their politics as well as their religious beliefs. It's a good time to re-examine the issues around political and religious fanaticism.

"Punk and Autonomia" draws the connections between the punk explosion in the UK and the Italian Autonomia movement in the 1970s. A good introduction to the ideas of autonomist marxism, Toni Negri, etc and well worth a go if you're into the idea of music and politics. However, the author would like to make it clear that the text is very much a work in progress.

Reviews - a bumper crop of CDs, records and publications checked out, bigged up, slagged off.

Mp3 - will follow...

Finally, the Genoa protest is one of the many things that happened since last time that we haven't had any time to write about. Several people we know got brutalised by the cops. Here is a statement from one of them.



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We have contributed an image to a psychogeographical mail art exhibition entitled Blot on the Landscape which can be seen here:


Quitter la Gravite - an anthology of Association of Autonomous Astronauts texts and graphic in French has been published by L'Eclat, who also produce stuff by Iris Murdoch, Giordano Bruno, Korzybski and the Critical Art Ensemble. A great book, if you read French.


Red Giant picks up where the Association of Autonomous Astronauts left off - an ever-growing archival site of political texts relating to space exploration. Some great perspective here, tho the site is still in its formative stages.


Norlonto is a coming together of Towards 2012, Godhaven, The Unlimited Dream Company, Cloud 23 and lots more. Something of a regroupment of forces. The site is currently under construction, but many exciting projects (including proper not-online books) are expected to materialise in the future. There is an update list to subscribe to so you don't miss out.

BM norlonto, London WC1N 3XX, UK


Practical History have added a wealth of material on the 1990/1991 Gulf War to their site, including a "No War But The Class War" archive. Essential reading in these depressing times.


Stewart Home has been busy recently, producing a number of articles dealing with 9/11, the hysteria surrounding 9/11 and subsequent events. His most recent offering is entitled "Data Quakes: Baphomet Rising & Shocks Of Mighty", which follows on from "The Twin Towers - Void & Actuality of the Data Storm" and "Data Panics and Data Voids: from Anthrax to Bubonic Plague and back again with Bin Laden, Blair and Junior".


Midian Books specialise in 2nd hand occult, cult, apocalypse culture, and Cthulu mythos stuff. Their latest catalogue contains a wealth of hard to find material. Ask to be put on their list at


Mother Destruction's web site is now up with a whole host of info including interviews, sound samples and news. It also looks great. Our interview with them is still here.


Next time: 2001 round up, reviews of "The Biggest Dub Party in the World", a CD of Greco-roman funk other stuff. Possibly some hip hop coverage. Stuff we missed out this time because of immense tiredness. You will love it.


> THE ARMCHAIR ACTIVIST > now up and running by some people who are ex-Thee Database and Nomad AAA.

Mad Pride "Nutters With Attitude compilation CD now out:





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