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Alright alright, listen up! More of this stuff that you can't get enough of! On time (pretty much) as well! Hence all the exclamation marks. Sorry.

So, the anarchist bookfair seemed to prove what many have suspected for a long time: the small press scene is die-ing, uploading itself to cyberspace in some kind of science fiction pact with the devil (to mix a few metaphors). Print zines seem to be a thing of the past, which is a bummer for old nostalgics like me. Maybe I should do one, then? Er, OK - just give me a bit longer...

Having said that, there are a few people so fanatical that they still feel compelled to produce printed matter. They are saluted in this month's reviews section. A new page of charts includes an almost impossibly trendy one from Paul Meme and the usual grab bag from me.

Our mp3 of the month is by Aphasic this time, so if you're bored of Mixmag or curious about the Ambush Records phenomenon - click the link for details.

Dil23 has come up trumps again with a Vagina Dentata Organ interview which touches on Dali, Harley and Kali. File under: Commodity-Fetishim-Occulture.

Some end of the 5 Year Plan documents have been added to the Association of Autonomous Astronauts section.

I've also added a page which looks behind the scenes of the site - an attempt to tell you how I did it, and generally blow what little credibility I have.


Our old mucker Stuart B (he of Thee Database and Nomad AAA fame) has fled London while the heat dies off from his frankly astonishing "My Confession" performance at Space 1999. However all is not lost because he seems to have spent all his time whacking together a rather fantastic web site. Lots of mp3s (Esoferic, new Cracker Farmboy project), lots of cool interviews (Coldcut, Gus Gus, Bruce Gilbert of Wire), some cool fiction, the low-down on the Foundation for Art in Zero-G and a general high quality shee-it. <cliche>One to bookmark!</cliche>



Hey dudes! A man-like-Jim-Bakhaus has sorted yet another strangely compelling gig - check this out:

Makoto Kawabata, Japanese noise/psychedelic 'guru' (from the Acid Mothers Soul Collective) playing a solo set


Zoffy (bizarre cosmic-troubadour-folk)


Seikazoku (kind-of-hardcore-funkadelic-improv)

"They're all a pretty odd bunch, and very 'out-there' in the nicest way!", Jim assured me, shorlty before his eyeballs exploded into a rainbow of engorged stoats.

It's on the 13th November, and it's Upstairs at the Garage. £5 (£4 concs.) - starts about 8.30.



French AAA groups have organised an enormous festival of post 5 Year Plan autonomous space exploration.

GRAVITE ZERO FESTIVAL Du 23 octobre au 1er novembre 2000 NANTES-TOURS-PARIS
Association des Astronautes Autonomes


>Interventions au salon Utopia de la Science Fiction
>24/25/26/27/28/29 au Palais des Congrs

> Autonomous Astronauts in the mix
>Jeudi 26 octobre (en soire) : thema SF au Lieu Unique - dj A.N.T.I. (Vividian Axiis, Quimper) - dj Ewen Xkv8 (Hangars Liquides, Tours-Paris) - dj Stupid Dog (Ellipse, Tours)


>Gravit Zro et Ellipse invitent
>du 23 au 29 octobre au "Caf" : exposition "5 ans avec l'AAA"
>vendredi 27 octobre : . 14h30/18h00 : Valerio Evangelisti (romancier SF, essayiste) prsente son oeuvre la librairie Ghimel/Faries (1 rue Marceau). . partir de 18h00 au "Caf" : soire "Space Pop All Stars" - vidos : Space 1999 by Mikey (South London AAA), Conferenza Intergalattica Bologna 1998+TV sessions (AAA Bologna), AAA Aotearoa balloon launch by Barry Briant (AAA Aotearoa, NZ), spciale ddicace de Ergo Valrie Morraja, etc... - prsentation de sites web. - space music with selector Bill Bush (Sun R, Bowie, Clinton, etc...). Le Caf, 39 rue Bretonneau / happy hour de 18h 20h30

>samedi 28 octobre : soire "Gravit Zro", live-acts and djs : UHT/saoulaterre (Cavage, paris), Mubi vs Balli (Sonic Belligeranza, It), Ubris (Dsir Clinique, paris-Tours), DJ Isaaac (Peace Off, Paris), A.N.T.I., Stupid Dog et Ewen Xkv8. Visuels : SAM O.1. (Bologne, It) P.A.F. : 40 francs avec conso. 22h00/06h00 Infoline : 3672*1 3332000#1705 ou renseignements au "Caf".


> Autonomous Astronauts Network Meeting
>mardi 31 octobre au Labo de 18h00 0h00 : Futures stratgies de l'AAA/Recrutment drive/ Apro cosmique/sex in space/ inauguration de la rampe de lancement de l'AAA Labyrinthe... Le Labo : 64, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, Paris 11me, Mtro Parmentier * Rave In Space

>mercredi 1er novembre au Batofar de 20h00 03h00 - Nocturnal Emissions (Earthly Delights, UK) - Sonic Belligeranza (AAA333, Bologne, It) - Aphasic (Ambush, London, UK) - XKV8 (Hangars Liquides, Paris) Visuels : SAM O.1 / 30 francs avec conso. Mtro Quai de la Gare

infos :


Ia! Ia!

The people who produce the Taoist Microcosm zine sent us this madness:

"Dear turbulent people, we at the Taoist Microcosmic Society have warped and spiraled out of control and like the reality of the universe have changed shape like the gas in space. We feel that blood in our veins speaks about things Chthonic. We feel that a stand must be made against the crystal crinkle sparkly ways of the wyrd folks of the past. Instead of burning candles and eating nut cutlets we propose an occulture group, ' The Clann Chthonic' that will stand up covering one eye, one handed and of a single foot, to drink cheap wine and ale and to let flow poetics of the underworld that still flows as tumble weeds and mitten crabs in our paint by numbers cities. We honour the old deities, the Fomorians and Fear Bolg of olde Ireland aswell as other non butter milk more flesh and veg gods from around the mundi. We will be based in Edinburgh and We will send off some information when the time comes in our journal. death to the Microcosmos and death to the crystal suckers! May the blood of bufo bufo illuminate you all!

Embryonic Clann Chthonic"




You won't need it if this catches on: AMP minizine (see last months reviews) have a new project: SUPERSWOPS is "a cashless shop at 127 Brick Lane - Make A Pick - Make A Deal". They are after your "unwanted gifts. Your fashion mistakes. Your baby blanket. Your passport." and promise a wealth of, er, whatever in return - but no cash/cheque/cards! Don't take the mickey, though - "The Shop's Non-Retail Assistants will negociate the best deal possible in order to enhance the shop's collection."




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