NEWS 23/11/00

My body is already totalled and we aren't even properly into the destructo-fest known as the "festive season" yet. Perfect conditions for updating the site, therefore. You've probably all guessed by now, but these monthly editions always catch me by surprise and I am here typing away madly on the 22nd, trying to remember all those things that sounded just great a few weeks back, but don't quite fit together after a knackering day's work.

Anyway it seems to all be paying off in some kind of weird way. People are paying attention, judging by the emails I've had (thanks!) and the links people have put in to this site: (Everyone from Antagonism to - a righteous, if a bit surprising, combination).


New on the site this month:

Paul has done a wonderful article on his experiences with Wicca. A great read if you are interested in alternative beliefs, magick and suchlike, but mainly just a great read because it's so personal and considered. Paul - I doff my hat in your direction once more.

We have interviewed those strange surrealist commie astronaut ne'er do wells behind ace zine Parasol Post.

We have dredged up an Organum interview interview that was done by the Out of Order Order a while back.

Ewen has kindly provided us with a report on the French AAA festival which took place recently.

Plus our now legendary (in some rather un-legendary circles) and essential reviews.

And an mp3 of the month from those unhinged rockers the Ceramic Hobs.


And Elsewhere:


Please, Please, Please

Shabnam Please is doing all sorts of weird malarky at:

He/she is also up to all sorts of strange psychogeographical stuff in London and has been circulating a Word document which is reputedly a report of some activities in Hull, but also seems to contain a psychological overview/analysis of one of my emails that was circulated far and wide at the end of the AAA's 5 year plan. Which is a bit unnerving for me, but all the better for that.

also see


Merrick's Remains

Head Heritage is a web site that seems to be connected er, in some way, to Julian Cope (but I dunno how oh yes you get all the top investigative reporting at Uncarved, mates!). Which is good thing in and of itself, but the site also contains a almost toxic levels of OurMateMerrick, who you may know as being involved with Godhaven, or for being the author of seminal newbury road protest reportage classic "Battle For The Trees".

Firstly there's an article by him on why the Climate Change Summit is arse:

And also a fully-fledged free Realaudio version of the utterly bonkers Radio Savage Houndy Beastie double CD on it. It's at (which we reviewed last month).

And if you keep looking, there's more stuff by him and other people. There's even some stuff about Julian Cope, actually.



The Hills Are Still Mincing About!

Those landscape deconstructors the Equi-Phallic Alliance have a new issue of their newsletter "The Listening Voice" available. Not had time to thoroughly digest it yet, but it's largely concerned with the psychogeography of the Danebury Ring.

Also a very lop-sided satirical look at pagans and animal abuse, and this:

Poetry Field Club: a field trip to Danebury Ring, Hampshire Sunday 26th November 2000 to celebrate the new moon.

Meet at the Tally-Ho public house, High Street, Broughton, between 12.30pm - 2.30pm (arrive early to ensure food and a seat). We will proceed from the pub to Danebury by motor car. When we arrive we will mediate the voices in the hill using a form of ambulatory 'automatic writing'. Thus will the unconscious become conscious and dualities will end. "The goddess is as male as she is female." (Dr. Mintern)

The Listening Voice is available for 2 UK stamps from: TLV, 33 Hartngton Road, 'Southampton', SO14 0EW



What's Going On?

You like our reviews? You want more? You want them better organised (by theme, etc)? Black Star Review have all that you need. Quite a sussed anarcho slant to it all, but not shy of getting their hands dirty with more (oc)cultural stuff as well. Check it out and don't be shy of 'selecting' the text if your browser doesn't like black on dark blue (this only applies if you're a Netscape user). Sort it out, people!


Eyes Right

My Eyes My Eyes! are continuing to do all sorts of cool film events in London and further afield (you just missed one on 20/11/00). Their site is up and also hosts material from the Greenwich Psychogeographical Order, who have an almost religious fervour for Adobe Acrobat. - details of future events, mailing list, etc - great texts if you can deal with your browser going mental and loading up Acrobat every five seconds. Is it worth it, though? Yep. Fer sure.


23 Ways To Leave Your Lover

All sorts of mayhem emanating from WWW.TWENTYTHREE.CO.UK at the moment, including a completely made up KLF/Jimmy Cauty event on November the 5th involving artwork to do with Princess Di's crash???!!!!!


In Brief:

Bim Sherman 1952-2000. Rest In Peace.

More AAA business at

Incomprehensible (but quite diverting) "4D Artworks" up at:

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