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Several days late, but this isn't really surprising given the absolute chaos, running about, and psychic fallout that has been my life in December. I hope you <have/are having/had> a great festive doodah anyway.

New on the site this month:

I have trawled around and found a number of texts which are now gathered under the heading of A Critical Look At Anarcho-Punk. This section is more about the ideas and ideology of groups like Crass and their ilk, rather than the usual fan site look at the music, discographies and suchlike. The anarcho punk movement of the 80s was a big deal at the time and has been massively influential since. However, it is mostly either dismissed for not having a rigorous enough analysis, or slavishly followed. This is an attempt to tease out some more useful thoughts, and analysis.

We are also proud to present Amusements Serious and Comical - a text by The London Spy which takes the reader on a merry jaunt around the more interesting bits of London, with some wry commentary and psychogeographical insight along the way.

Also some charts. (incidentally, do feel free to send in your top ten whatevers for the year 2000 for the 23/01/01 update).

The reviews section will reappear next month.

Our mp3 of the month is a suitably seasonal affair from those audio pranksters Radio Savage Houndy Beasty. Click the link for details.

General miscellany - there's been a bit a bit of tidying up, a pointless random image script on the dub page, etc.


And Elsewhere:



Some people in London are getting together to discuss forming a new London social centre. It will be called Emmas, (after anarchist Emma Goldman, rather than the Hot Chocolate single, we assume). They have their shit together and have been having meetings for some time, including a well attended one at the Anarchist Bookfair in October. Our roving reporter harassed one of them and demanded to know...

"We plan to buy a building in London for use as a club and social centre for anarchists / activists. Emma's will be a private members club and a co-operative collectively owned by the membership. (which does not necessarily mean that access to all events and facilities will be for members only). What we end up with will depend on the imagination and practical enthusiasm of the membership and the amount of money we can raise. So far we have discussed a vision which, at its most optimistic, is of a pub building which wiil include a bar, performance area, cafe, computer facilities, cinema, creche, quiet space, library, info-shop / bookshop, offices and accommodation. With projects based in the club like a food co-op and a car pool."

If you are interested, have similar ideas, other ideas, time, practical skills and / or money to invest, get in touch by writing to Emma's, BM Active, London WC1N 3XX or e-mailing

Meetings are monthly.

More info at:



Our Italian comrades Sonic Belligeranza have now released their first 12", entitled "INDIGATIONS SERIOUS AND COMICAL AT AROUND 333 bpm". The record comes hot on the heels of their contributions to the AAA "Rave In Space" CD and is selling well. It features one side of 'serious' breakcore and drum 'n' bass and one side of 'comical' "innovative art/speed-core", featuring samples from "The Devil Rides Out" and "Sal˜ e le 120 giornate di Sodoma"

We hope to have a review copy soon, but in the meantime further information can be had at:



The FOUNDATION FOR ART IN ZERO-G site now includes two new sections:

In an attempt to map the zero-g art terrain, there's A HISTORY OF ART IN ZERO-G which begins its journey in 1965 with the first space-walk courtesy of cosmonaut and former art student Alexei Leonov.
There is also the beginnings of a zero-g art ARCHIVE with links to artists and organisations currently exploring the territory.

and -- MP3 MAYHEM
In AUDIO @ ZERO-G are a multitude of MP3s, old and new. From the bottom of the dusty old C90 box, comes demo recordings from the late 80s and early 90s in the form of CO-EX, CRUX and the legendary KEN. In addition to this nostalgic blast, you'll also find new material from KAIGAN and two hot-off-the-mike 60-second masterpieces from the mighty CRACKER FARMBOY.

Presumed dead and buried until it was uncovered on a graveyard server - THEE DATA BASE is, apparently, still on-line. Last updated some 18 months ago, all the old articles from TDB back issues are there as well as a cornucopia of occultural links (although many of them may well be dead by now). The site won't be resuscitated or further updated, so enjoy this slice of activist actioneering, forever preserved in a vaccuum-sealed casing.



This just in, folks:

"PRISONERS OF COMMERCE EMBARK FOR LIFE IN A BOWL - But ye are they that forsake my Mountain of Joy, deus dixit, that prepare a table for mute and excess, that furnish the Meadow of Honey unto the Numberer. For the customs of the people are vein and the inhabitants of the earth are drunk thereon.


- No, said the Dealer. I think it is unlikely that you'll ever get a goldfish for sixpence again. ___________________________________________________________________

The seven years of perplexity are now at an end. The feeble quality of the Apostacy is the only rapture. ___________________________________________________________________

Lux suburbem. London + Budapest (over time)

* In Remembrance (TM) Nation Products, Belgrade"



Practical History have now published an archive of the Red Menace newspaper as part of their site. RM was a communist newsletter published in London, 1989-90, with articles on the class struggle internationally. Obviously some of it is a bit dated now, but the analysis is remarkably clear headed, internationalist and broad. Subect matters takes in everything from Acid House to the Ambulance Workers' strike, Palestine to the PeopleÕs Park in Berkeley. There are also a number of other interesting texts that didn't appear in the newspaper itself, including The struggle against Islamic Fascism begins with the struggle against Iranian Bolshevism.



AAA Rosko is still collecting AAA texts on its Forum. Mostly in french, but many in english...

They also run a Forum about situationism (look at the first 96 texts about S.Home, Not Bored, Green Anarchism, Voyer, etc...)
DeBord of Directors :


In Brief:

Another seasonal mp3/realaudio, which I have been assured is nothing to do with the KLF (or anybody else),is up at:

The Lumpen Illuminates rant well. Check: - Texts include: RHINOPLASTY NOW - THE DAWNING OF A NEW ERA IN COMMUNIST TREPANATION

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