NEWS 23/01/01


Happy New Year!

New on the site this month:

1) Dub section overload!

An exclusive interview with top UK reggae/dub producers The Disciples

Shameless ripping-off of Kevin Martin's excellent sleevenotes from Macro Dub Infection

Some info on the soundtrack of the film Babylon to complement the interview with the director

2) Psychogeographical Mayhem!

An interview with the late lamented Manchester Area Psychogeographic originally intended for Turbulent Times 8

Also Rodney Brown reports on the activities of the Royal Society in his A Royal Society for the Protection of Robots piece

3) More Charts Than You Can Shake One At!

The best of the year 2000 from colleagues, allies, random people we thought looked interesting

4) Top Notch Reviews!

The reviews section is back as promised with a great selection of text and audio dissected

5) Free Music!

Our mp3 of the month is a shimmering bit of techno from our friends at Lockheed Martin

6) Random Bizarreness!

General miscellany - there's been a bit a bit of checking links and tidying up, particularly on the other weirdos and angsty music pages, some more stuff in the anarchopunk section...

We are also pleased to announce the return of the Out of Order Order - a Test Transmission is now available for your delectation!



And Elsewhere:


The W

Much furrowing of brows at the thought of Dubb-ah-yah taking over the U.S., particularly with his rather engorged attitude towards NMD ("National Missile Defence" aka "Nukes In Space").

Meanwhile in the UK, William Hague demands the current government support all of the W's extra-terrestrial initiatives and Blair doesn't say no - he's just going to wait until he's officially asked. Oh great. - for updates, news and a seemingly endless array of petitions, write in campaigns and all the usual problems with reformist peace campaigns (i.e. peace in space is not enough, particularly if it just makes way for McDonalds on the moon, or even NASA's recklessness with their plutonium on non-military 'scientific' missions)

However someone is prepared to have a poke from an oblique angle and we are pleased to announce the arrival of the Notional Missile Defence system - a poke in the eye for the dubb-ah-yah and a chuckle for the rest of us. Already getting props from New Scientist! Respect!


My Mate Marmoset

On (what seems at first glance like) a slightly less threatening note, we got sent this little beauty:

Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 19:36:51 +0000

WE ARE MARMOSETS. We are the planet's supreme primates. DO NOT wish to diss you homo sapiens, but truth is truth. Our vessel will be mainly banana powered, with boosters of heavy bass frequencies, and booze and juice and drugs. Any ex-Fairmile space monkeys fancy a trip?

Do let us know how you get on!


Captain Clark Welcomes You Aboard

Much strangeness courtesy of - 'initiates' report all sorts of rum goings on at the site's Channel Islands-based chatroom, including qabbalistic mutterings, uncannily accurate biographical information about third parties, etc. Not to mention an almost fetishistic interest in my good self, including questions about my whereabouts and verbatim mash ups of my bits from the Channel 4 XXX Tripping programme.

In a presumably not uncoincidental move, a photo of me has been placed at AmIHotOrNot by persons unknown.



Robot Mother is a zine that has evolved out of some excellent house parties in Wales (cows respond to bass) and has appeared in numerous formats over the years. Now on-line, it is very much an object in itself, a skewed vision carried through rather than yet another site for the sake of it. The current edition features pieces on the Hangar Lane Gyratory, some cool subvertisments, general ranting and lots of other great stuff that I haven't had time to check out yet. Oh and competition to win a suitcase full of pingpong balls by writing a six-word poem!

Check: - but hurry! All will go soon unless another server is found!


Dial House

As part of the research for the anarcho-punk section I became aware that the Crass House is under threat from developers. There is a campaign to raise enough money to buy the house outright and full details can be had at


Never Trust A Hippy

Fraser Clark, ex- of Encyclopaedia Psychedelica, Megatripolis, etc is producing an e-newsletter entitled PROPHECY //YOU UPGRADEmag //. It's a mess of colour, news, poetry, live dates and so on. Worth a look if that's your bag maaaaaan.


In Brief:

Ace activists rtmark have a very groovy annual report of their activities out.


Marxist Skinheads on UFOs contra Posadas! -

The word "occulture" makes its first appearance (to my knowledge) as a standard description in the Guardian TV listings.

Congratulations to Paul & Carolyn!

Welcome back Dil23 - don't be overdoing it now.

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