1. an honour, though completely undeserved. so you gonna take the bait, John? Looking forward to reading about that signed Howard Jones fan club record…

  2. john – hi – I’ve been a reader for a few months – came here through the fantastic Bloggariddims series, anyways – I’m from the US and I’d very much like to accquire a copy of Woofah if that’s possible. Are you going to print more copies of the first issue? sorry to make this my first Uncarved comment.


  3. Hi padraig! – we are seriously sold out of issue 1 but may get some back from distributors in a month or so. If we do, they’ll probably end up in the uncarved shop, so maybe sign up there and get the newsletters etc? Issue 2 is being designed right now and is looking great… welcome!

  4. thanks john! I signed up at the shop and I’ll be eagerly awaiting Woofah #2 – I find the idea of a tangible, printed zine to massively appealing – especially given the difficulty of accurately following UK underground music from thousands of miles away largely via the double-edged sword that is the Internet.

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