Curse you, fashionistas! Everything you touch turns to shit!


So, I really like all those old school JA dancehall flyers and posters from the 80s – they capture a certain era and music as much as the actual sounds, or record sleeves or whatever do.

Fergie obviously likes them too, which means I will never be able to wear that stuff on a t-shirt now. Clarendon are quite interesting – they have loads of stuff on their site about which celebrities have worn their gear. And it’s not entirely clear whether or not they actually pay the original designers of the images for their work…

And whilst we’re on the subject of reggae artwork… R.I.P. Jamaal Pete.  (1) & (2)


  1. it’s not as bad as that picture of angelina jolie in a fuckin’ crass t-shirt a few weeks back – no celebrity fashion appropriation could ever be as bad as that.

  2. For me the low point came when a company called ‘Bhuddist Punk’ (woah!) was knocking out Crime t-shirts in Selfridges for sixty quid a go. I mean obviously there’s this immense temptation to be all like ‘hey, taking the money and running is what punk was all about so we’re like, double punk!’ Bog off, cock factories!

  3. To be fair and open-minded about it (and not annoying and just playing devil’s advocate for the sake of it), perhaps Fergie is a massive reggae fan. Do you know for sure she hasn’t spent years amassing a room full of clash tapes? Maybe Clarendon just gave her the T-shirt for free and she’s wearing it ‘cos’.

  4. I’m sure Fergie would say she likes Reggae, certainly the black eyed peas got Tippa Irie in for one of their tunes… maybe Angelina is an anarchopunk on the side I dunno. Just as likely is that they both like the ‘edgy’ vibe but aren’t entirely aware of the context. Not that this should be a big deal, indeed it’s actually quite funny when it comes to Crass unless you think they are completely sacred or something.


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